Ringlock Scaffolding

A resistant and versatile system able to form stable and strong structures fitting to any position. Suitable for complex construction projects and industrial application. The work levels can be fixed at 20’’ (0.50 m) intervals as required always keeping the safety elements (guardrail and toe boards). Our patented elements Combi Frame and Combi Guard Rail have the benefit of reducing the number of pieces to be used reducing the assembly time up to 70%. This makes Urbina stand out from its competitors.

Benefits of Urbina Ringlock Scaffolding

  • High strength components and connectors.
  • Suitable for every purpose, construction, industry, temporary access solution, events, etc.
  • Allows for eight connections in one plane.
  • The components are compatible with the Urbina Shoring System.
  • Manufactured according the European standard EN12810:2005.

Available coats

  • Hot dip galvanized.

Multidirectional Combi Assembly

Urbina Multidirectional Scaffolding with Combi Frame and Combi Lattice Guard Rail

All Multidirectional Combi pieces are compatible with multidirectional assembly.

See all the pieces

See the main differences between Multidirectional Assembly and Multidirectional Combi Assembly.

Multidirectional Assembly

Urbina Multidirectional Scaffolding.

All the Multidirectinal pieces are compatible with Multidirectional Combi assembly.

See all the pieces

See the main differences between Multidirectional Assembly and Multidirectional Combi Assembly.

Shoring System

Urbina’s Shoring System is a tough, quick, easy, and logical solution for every construction work.

Use of Ringlock connections allows to deal with any complex or challenging project and shapes.

Urbina´s technical department provides technical support during the shoring process.

Benefits of Ubrina Shoring System

  • The Urbina’s Shoring Systems components can be used for Shoring or Scaffolding.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • Easy and strong assemblies thanks to the use of the ringlock system.

Available coats

  • Hot dip galvanized.

See all the pieces

Combi Assembly Pieces

Combi Frame

Measures: 2×0.7m/2×1.0m

Combi Crossbar Ø35

Measures: 1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Combi End Guard Rail

Measures: 0.7m/1.0m

Combi Lattice Guard Rail

Measures: 1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Multi pieces compatible with Combi Assembly

Combi Clamp


Upright Post

Measures: 0.5m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Starter Piece


Combi Safety Foot Guard

Measures: 1.6m

Multi Crossbar Ø48

Measures: 0.7m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Reinforced crossbar

Measures: 1.5mm/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Combi Diagonal

Measures: 0.7m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Combi Pedestrian Crossing Beam

Measures: 1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m

Combi Lattice Beam

Measures: 4.0m/6.0m

Combi Debris Shield


Combi Bracket

Measures: 0.3m/0.7m/1.0m

Narrow pitch adapter

Measures: 0.7m

Wall anchor beam


Combi Stabilizer

Combi Stabilizer

Combi-Façade Parts

Simple Base Plate


Adjustable Base Plate

Measures:0.4m/0.7m/1.0m/0.7m fo wheel (data sheet)

Castor-wheel with brake and rotation movement

Capacity: 200kg (data sheet)


Security Bolt

Measures: Ø10mm/Ø12mm

Fixed clamp/revolving clamp locking

Tube Ø48


Tube Ø48 with fastening hook


Skirting metalic board



Fixed steel walkboard

Measures: 0.7m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m (see technical details)

Wood&Aluminium Walkboard with Hatch

Measures: 2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Hatch and ladder turns on walkboard

Steel Galvanised Ladder for Walkboard with Hatch

Different sizes available for different types of assembly.

Steel corner walkboard of 45º angle

Assembly of skirting hooks into walkboard slots


4 Walkboards assembling

Resistance chart

Shoring System Pieces

Adjustable base-plate

Adjustable shoring head

Last level security upright post

Measures: 1.0m

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