Andamio Certificado Multidireccional

Ringlock Scaffolding

A resistant and versatile system able to form stable and strong structures fitting to any position. Suitable for complex construction projects and industrial application. The work levels can be fixed at 20’’ (0.50 m) intervals as required always keeping the safety elements (guardrail and toe boards). Our patented elements Combi Frame and Combi Guard Rail have the benefit of reducing the number of pieces to be used reducing the assembly time up to 70%. This makes Urbina stand out from its competitors.

Benefits of Urbina Ringlock Scaffolding

  • High strength components and connectors.
  • Suitable for every purpose, construction, industry, temporary access solution, events, etc.
  • Allows for eight connections in one plane.
  • The components are compatible with the Urbina Shoring System.
  • Manufactured according the European standard EN12810:2005.

Available coats

  • Hot dip galvanized.