Andamio de Fachada certificado

Façade U70-U100 Scaffolding

The Façade U70-U100 system is focused on competitive construction needs. Its modular design enables quick and easy assembly without tools. Each bay is composed only by:

  • Two Frames.
  • One Guardrail.
  • One interior Ledger.
  • One Diagonal (at least every three bays)

The goal is to allow for unobstructed work in the internal face of the scaffold.

Benefits of Urbina Façade System

  • Safe works.
  • Fast and easy assembling (reduce assembling and dismantling times in 30%).
  • Stable and strong structure.
  • Manufactured according the European standard EN12810:2005.

Available coats

  • Hot dip galvanized.
  • Epoxy coat.