Façade U70-U100 Scaffolding

The Façade U70-U100 system is focused on competitive construction needs. Its modular design enables quick and easy assembly without tools. Each bay is composed only by:

  • Two Frames.
  • One Guardrail.
  • One interior Ledger.
  • One Diagonal (at least every three bays)

The goal is to allow for unobstructed work in the internal face of the scaffold.

Benefits of Urbina Façade System

  • Safe works.
  • Fast and easy assembling (reduce assembling and dismantling times in 30%).
  • Stable and strong structure.
  • Manufactured according the European standard EN12810:2005.

Available coats

  • Hot dip galvanized.
  • Epoxy coat.
Façade U70-U100 Pieces

U70 Façade Frame

Measures: 2×0.7m

Porch Façade Frame

Measures: 2×0.7m

Pedestiran crossing frame

Measures: 2.20×1.70m

Starter Piece

Medidas: 2.20×1.70m

Debris Shield

Façade Bracket

Lateral Safety Guard Rail

U70 Crossbar

Measures: 1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Platform Support

Measures: 0.7m

U70 Diagonal

Measures: 1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Façade post safety guard rail

Measures: 1.6m

Joint for Frame

Joint for Pedestrian Crossing Frame

Façade clamp-locking bolt

U70 Safety guard rail

Medidas: 1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Pedestrian crossing crossbar

Medidas: 2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Façade lattice beam

Medidas: 4m/6m

Simple post for safety side guard rail

Medidas: 2.20×1.70m

Post for sideguard

Safety guard rail suplement

Combi-Façade Parts

Simple Base Plate


Adjustable Base Plate

Measures:0.4m/0.7m/1.0m/0.7m for wheel (data sheet)

Castor-wheel with brake and rotation movement

Capacity: 200kg (data sheet)


Security Bolt

Measures: Ø10mm/Ø12mm

Fixed clamp/revolving clamp locking

Tube Ø48


Tube Ø48 with fastening hook


Skirting metalic board



Fixed steel walkboard

Measures: 0.7m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m (see technical details)

Wood&Aluminium Walkboard with Hatch

Measures: 2.0m/2.5m/3.0m

Steel Galvanised Ladder for Walkboard with Hatch

Different sizes available for different types of assembly.

Steel corner walkboard of 45º angle

Hatch and ladder turns on walkboard


Assembly of skirting hooks into walkboard slots


4 Walkboards assembling

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